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We are a God- directed ministry; Jesus called to share His word, love, and 4giveness with the community, Tulsa, and abroad. Reaching out with love and 4giveness is the foundation of any successful community transformation work.  Those with a like- mind and heart; and have a need to commit to 4give, love, and helping one another. That itself will be a strong testimony and role model for those you serve and will bring about a blessing from God that breaks many strongholds. We have been given a special purpose, to share the importance of 4giving someone, even if it’s you, 4giving yourself. The baggage we carry around when we don’t 4give is not worth the damage, it does to our bodies internally and physically.   


We’re glad to have this opportunity to share our services with you.


Our prayer ministry exists; for the purpose of facilitating two-way communication between God and prayer recipients. Our prayer ministers are trained to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. As they convey what they sense that God is saying to individuals, the Holy Spirit enables the recipients to experience His love, which brings healing and restoration to hearts and lives. We believe that the Bible is clear that believers have the capacity to hear Jesus’s voice through His Spirit.


  • In addition to speaking through the Bible, God often speaks to His people through prophetic revelation. This revelation frequently takes the form of words, pictures, or dreams. When God gives a word that seems to be for the church, it is very important that the recipient prayerfully consider the word, and, when appropriate, pass it on to the recipient.

  • Prayer: from our prayer team

  • Praying for others is such an honor and privilege. People come trusting and allowing you to stand in the gap and pray for their situation, to show them that what they're going through matters. Amazing!!

  • Prayer is a very important key to your spiritual life. Prayer is praise, thanksgiving, adoration, intercession, supplication, petition and much more. It’s talking to God the Father and listening for Him to speak back to you. It is communion with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ who is sitting at His right hand constantly making intercession for us.

  • Call us, and we will go over the scriptures with you. (918.764.8828).


  • The Bible: Sharing the word of God through scripture; we will, encourage, and build up the person making them stronger.

  • We believe that the Bible is our master plan. It is God-inspired, God-directed message of Love, 4Giveness, Mercy and Grace, that matters most when we live it out in a way that our lives are changed , because we delight ourselves in the Lord.


  • 4Giveness Maintenance Plan: Empowering Steps to take, sharing different approaches to breaking the cycle of un4giveness.

  • Daily Maintenance Notes: Empowering helps in understanding the why’s and how’s in un4giveness/4giveness.

  • Questions answered 

  • Help with any questions concerning the 4Giveness Maintenance Plan, and Daily Notes. 

  • By working alongside with the person that’s determined to receive the help offered;

  • they can continue on their 4giveness journey.

  • A person will be able to utilize our Resources at that their convenience. 

  •  Is designed to help you identify the benefits of 4giveness one can achieve. By applying themselves to working out the designed assignments to your everyday lives. 

  • It should also help in setting some achievable goals, and focus on what changes in your life that may need more work. In doing so you will feel like an overcomer, a winner!

  • Opportunities to self-evaluate are a critical part of learning, and growing.

  • By using and applying the 4Giveness Maintenance Plan and Daily Notes to your everyday lives, we feel you will become powerful. Power comes from having the resources, capability, and opportunity to influence the circumstances in one’s life. 

  • Taking time to review, and reflect over what you answered, on the Daily Notes is just one more giant step on self-improvement which is stellar!

  • Are intention is to empower, assist and reach individual with a 4Giveness Maintenance Plan and Daily Notes on their 4Givenss journey.

  • We are investing in our community, city, and abroad. 

  • We will have a page set aside for you to pull- a 4Giveness Maintenance Plan /and or Daily Notes off the website.

  • View contact page.


We would love to hear your story of how you for gave yourself, or someone else.

Your story should be made up of three simple parts:

  1. How you came to the decision of letting go of the resentment?

  2. Were you willing to forgive?

  3. Did that open you up for healing?

Keep in mind that your story is ultimately about giving God glory for what He has done, so specific names of people involved are not necessary. Your story will be kept confidential, but we may contact you to request sharing your story at a later date.

Thanks for submitting!


A member of our prayer/ Prophetic Ministry; will pray for you, listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying through prophetic revelation.

Thanks for submitting!

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